Zouk | Creative 2019 Brasília
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Benefits of the retreat Creative to Flow – Brasília / Brazil

  • Awaken your creative potential and self-knowledge through dance, while developing your own creative process.
  • Gain physiological and therapeutical techniques based on dance, that will develop your improvisation skills.
  • Know the main obstacles to creativity.
  • Understand and release paradigms and limitations imposed by society.
  • Develop your adaptation to change both in your dance and ordinary life, doing it in an organic and fluid manner.
  • Experience different techniques and concepts about creativity models that were developed by the great creative minds of our Era.

  • Know Zouk’s traditional moves, as well as moves created by Xandy Liberato.
  • Free yourself from recurring patterns in moves and thoughts in dance, and broaden your repertoire of new moves.
  • Take part in a choreographic team project living the experience of Xandy Liberato’s creative process.

► On Sale! 02/03/2019 to 06/03/2019

►►► 1º Lot ◄◄◄ R$ 1.700 *until  08/15/2018

►►► 2º Lot ◄◄◄ R$ 1.900 *until 12/15/2018

►►► 3º Lot ◄◄◄ R$ 2.100 *until 03/01/2019

📣For information and reservations, please send an email to: brasilia@zoukretreat.com
📣 You can choose to pay through eventbrite’s online event platform to access it, just go to “Order Now” below.
📣 All included: Course, Activities, Lodging, Food and Transport from the meeting point to the retreat and vice versa.
The meeting place will be the Brasília International Airport.

►Make your creativity flow

The Zouk Retreat 2019 is a experiential dance course that through an investigative process seeks new learning techniques for the knowledge of your body and your partner in social dance.

For this we have the support of dance teachers, therapists and psychologists, forming a team prepared to put into practice the Liberato Methodology through the Brazilian Zouk, in a carefully elaborated experience, where the dynamics are mixed with practices, conferences and dance sessions.

Inspired by traditional dance and free dance, the Liberato Methodology investigates concepts related to connection, communication and body expression, with the main goal of achieving greater pleasure and dedication in dance to two.

►To Whom it may concern

The course is destined to people who are searching for self knowing through dance like: Zouk, WCS, Bachata, Kizomba, Salsa, Afro e danças contemporâneas.

* All levels *

► Accomodation

Located 30 minutes from the center of Brasilia (Brazil), Casa de Retiro e Eventos, is a place of calm and tranquility that provides an interior connection and connection with nature. The place has complete infrastructure with lodging with comfortable rooms, private bathroom in the rooms, complete meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), classrooms, practices and parties.

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